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Consultations, Flowers & Services

Terms & Conditions

Consultation and Design Service Fees


Open Air Designs Consultants offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation by phone, in person, or email to discuss flowers and decor with (1) submitted Proposal. The Proposal is valid for 3 calendar days after receipt. Proposals accepted after this date are subject to a $50 Administrative Fee.


The Client will submit a credit card authorization form to be kept on file for any and all incurred Design Fees, Administrative Fees, and for goods and services. Open Air Designs agrees to keep all Credit Card information secure and will inform the Client of any and all charges to the credit card prior to processing. 


The Client agrees to a $50 per hour Design Fee for requested changes to the initial Proposal due to budget, style, availability, or other options, due at the time of request. The Client understands that Design Fees are non-refundable, non-transferable and are not considered a Retainer Fee. Upon execution of contract, no more than two (2) changes will be accepted up to 30 days prior to the Event. Deletions or changes 14 days prior to the Event are not permitted, as our supplies have been ordered and purchased. Additions are always accepted and possible, but cannot be guaranteed.




In order to secure the Event date, for products and services, a Retainer Fee and signed Contract must be received. Retainer Fees are based upon Total Proposed Balance Due. Event dates 3 or more months require 50% of proposed balance due - minimum of $250, as a Retainer Fee. Events Less than 90 days require Total Proposed Balance due as Retainer Fee. 


The Retainer fee secures Design and Administrative services by Open Air Designs from Consultation through the date of your Event. The Retainer Fee does not guarantee pricing, availability of rentals, flowers, and/or services. All fees incurred will be deducted from the Retainer amount and reflected in the balance due. 


Full payment can be made at any time; the balance is due 21 days prior to the event. Due dates that fall on a weekend or holiday, will be due the business day before. 


If at any time, changes of selections or additions are requested by the Client that result in an increase of balance due to Open Air Designs, the amount will be added to the balance due. If payment in full has been made, the new charges will be charged to the credit card on file. If a balance is due, the new charges will be added to the balance due and charged according to payment schedule.


At any time, changes of selections or deletions are made that result in a difference, the amount will not be deducted from the balance due or refunded; instead a credit will be issued on account with Open Air Designs, that will expire the day of the Event. The Wedding Designer will confer with the Client to determine where to reallocate funds in other designs.


Payment for Retainer Fee and balance due can be made in cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.  There is a 2% administrative fee on all invoices. 


Change of Date or Cancellation


Event/Wedding Insurance is highly recommended for any expenses incurred due to Event date changes or cancellations.

Should for any reason the date of the Event change, best effort will be made by Open Air Designs to accommodate the new date. The Client agrees that in the event of an Event date change by the Client, that Open Air Designs cannot accommodate, any expenses including but not limited to retainers and fees that are non-refundable and non-transferable are the sole responsibility of the Client, including additional charges above and beyond those set forth this agreement.


The Client understands that last minute Service changes can impact the quality of the Event and that Open Air Designs is not responsible for any compromises in quality owing to such change. The Client also understands that additional Service Fees may apply and will be discussed prior to the Event.


Should the Event be canceled by a Force Majeure, death in the immediate family, or sudden injury or illness, or any other reason, any and all payments made to Open Air Designs are non-refundable to Client. The Client is urged to secure Wedding Insurance to protect against any loss for reasons of cancellation. 




Open Air Designs shall not be responsible for any damages or other costs due to the weather. The Client understands and agrees that Open Air Designs cannot be held at fault for any weather related occurrence or after effects of inclement weather that may prohibit any part of the Event taking place. Open Air Designs acknowledges that they will make the best effort not to allow weather to impact the quality of their Services, but Client understands that last minute changes may be necessary in order to uphold the overall performance of the Open Air Designs Team and other vendors that have been contracted. The Client agrees to allow Open Air Designs to make necessary changes for the safety of their staff, the Client, and their guests, to the details of the Event in the case of inclement weather. 


The Client understands that Open Air Designs will not set up, design, or deliver goods or services to an outdoor venue during inclement weather, including rain, hail, lightning, high winds, or other weather that would pose a risk to the products and/or Design Team's safety.


Rental Items


Open Air Designs offer many styles of glassware, centerpieces, stands, candelabras, chuppas, pergolas, arches, bird cages, lanterns, votives, mirrors, chairs, linens, and many other interesting rental items. Client agrees to pay retail or replacement price for any and all damaged rental items whether caused by client, guest, vendor, other person, or incident before, during, or following the Event, other than Open Air Designs Team. A valid credit card and credit card authorization form shall remain on file throughout the terms of this agreement as security for damaged, destroyed, or missing rental items.


Services: Delivery, Set Up, Design, Strike, Administrative

Events that require delivery only: The driver will deliver at agreed upon time to the requested location. Deliveries requested after business hours are subject to an additional fee. Delivery fees are based on venue address, parking, location of ceremony/reception, stairs/elevator access, date, Team Members required, and type and quantity of items delivered. In order to protect the privacy of the Client, Open Air Designs will not deliver directly to hotel rooms.


Events that require Setup: Setup is defined as placement of designed pieces by the Open Air Designs Team. Set up will begin no more than 3 hours prior to the event and will allow 15 minutes between completion and the beginning of guest seating. Set Up Fees are based upon venue layout, types of Designs, and number of Team Members required, and charged by the hour. The Set up Fees listed above are customized for the goods and services of this Event.


Events that require onsite Design: Onsite Design is defined as creating visual art using plants, flowers, and decorative materials at the Venue. Onsite Design requires the expertise and skill of the Wedding Designer. Design Fees are based on actual time to complete the design and are charged by the whole hour. 


All Set up and Design Fees are calculated by a formula per product and service. Changes in products can affect Delivery, Setup, and Design fees.


Events that require Strike: removal of rental items, decor, etc by Open Air Designs Team will begin 15 minutes after the agreed upon time for the end of the Event.  Due to safety issues, Open Air Designs cannot begin to remove rental items from the venue until all guests have cleared the room. The minimum Strike fee after 7pm on weekends is $200 but varies based upon venue address, parking, location of ceremony/reception, stairs/elevator access, date, Team Members required, and type and quantity of items to be retrieved.


Some rental items are eligible for return by the Client or their assigned agent. By choosing below, the Client assumes all personal responsibility for the return of all rental items listed in this Contract, to the Open Air Designs Studio located at 38860 US Hwy 19 N, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689 by 2pm on the next business day following the Event.

[   ] Election to return rental items
[   ] Request Strike of rental items by Open Air Designs Team


The Client agrees to pay retail or replacement price for any and all damaged or missing rental items whether caused by client, guest, vendor, other person, or incident before, during, or after the Event, other than Open Air Designs Team Member. The Client agrees to maintain current credit card information and authorizes any and all charges for missing or damaged pieces returned on the next business day, following the Event, after 2pm, to the

[Visa]  [Mastercard]  [Discover]  [American Express] credit card on file, ending in (last four digits)  ___ ___ ___ ___ exp date_____/______ CCV _____.


If the Design Team is delayed or extended beyond agreed upon time, for Set up, Design, or Strike, due to power outage, weather, or unforeseen obstacle presented, at no fault of Open Air Designs Team Members, a minimum of $50 per hour, per Open Air Designs Team Member, fee will apply and be charged to credit card on account immediately.


By signing below, the named Client agrees to all Terms and Conditions contained herein.

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