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Think outside of the box! 

This is an actual arrangement by a professional, creative designer at Open Air Designs. The retail value is $65 with an average delivery fee of $12. There are long stemmed roses, oriental lilies, hydrangeas, and premium greenery in a 10" vase.  If you are spending the same amount of money, don't you want to know that your money stays within the community, you receive 100% value for the price you pay, & the recipient receives a beautifully, creatively designed arrangement?  Consider the worth in building a working relationship with your local florist; allow us to get to know your like, dislikes, and style so that you can trust us to delivery perfection every time! 

Buy Local. Skip the middle man. Get the value of your dollar. Feel great about your gift. You decide...

When you call 1800flowers, Proflowers, or Bouqs, you can expect your recipient to receive boxed flowers. What that means, is the flowers will arrive dehydrated, warm, and limp. If you pay extra, you will receive a vase but that means your recipient will have the task of cutting stems, stripping leaves, and arranging in the vase. The problem they will encounter is being able to make their flowers look anything like the picture of what you thought you were sending.  Who wants a DiY gift?  

Expectation vs. Reality - What you can expect from a box.

This is a $50 FTD order with $18.99 in shipping; a total value of $68.99. These are short stemmed, low petal count roses in a 8" vase with no additional accents or greenery. Companies like FTD and Teleflora are major corporations that boast "local flower delivery". These companies charge a hefty membership fee to the local florists. Florist pay to get an order. When you place an order with one of these companies, by phone, you will reach a third party (outside of the USA) or online, it is process and the order is passed along to a local florist. The companies deduct a minimum of 20%, plus a per order fee, and the shipping fee. Leaving very little money for the florist to fill the order to value. On average, a $50 order Teleflora makes approx $40 and pays the local florist $30. There are monthly fees for advertising, service charges, and even a fee if the florist refuses an order for any reason. The florist is required to fill a minimum amount of orders monthly or there is a fee.  If you Considering all of the fees that the florist is responsible to pay, anyone that depends on Wire Services to sustain their business will be out of business in no time.  Most florist try to justify membership hoping to make new customers out of the recipients but are unable to showcase the true value in their designs.

Open Air Designs is not affiliated with Teleflora, FTD, 1800flowers, ProFlowers, Ava's Flowers, Bloomnet, Bouqs, or any other third party order gatherer.

Our designers strive to create unique, designs that showcase the Elements of Design, the natural beauty of each stem, and the sentiment behind the arrangement. We aren't a cookie cutter, production-line type of florist. 

The photos of each unique design on our website should be considered a representation of the style, flowers, and  colors, of an arrangement. Pictures are considered for inspiration of the design and not exact duplication. 

We receive flowers fresh from our vendors Monday - Friday. Due to seasonal availability and local sourcing, it may be necessary to make substitutions, for the designs to meet our standards.

Anytime substitutions of containers or flowers are necessary, our designers will maintain the integrity of each design. Color substitutions will be complimentary, flowers will be of equal or greater value, and containers will be consistent with the original style. 

Allowing the Designer creative liberty while designing will ensure the freshest flowers and quality product.   

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