20% upgrade

means more flowers for your money

[not available May 1 - May 12]

Designer's Choice

Select the occasion, the recipient, and price 

and our Designer's will select seasonal, 

farm fresh flowers from our inventory

to create the perfect design. 


You can add notes like "allergies to Lilies",

"her favorite color is yellow", "he loves golf",

or "do something out of the box"

and we will make every effort to customize

the design for your recipient. 

Spend $50 = Receive $60 value

Spend $75 = Receive $90 value

Spend $100 = Receive $120 value

Spend $150 = Receive $180 value

Spend $200 = Receive $240 value 

*minimum order for delivery is $50, delivery fees apply according to zip code, 7% sales tax is added to every order.  Invoice price at check out will reflect the amount that you choose. Once your order is received, you will receive an email with an updated invoice with upgrade shown. The delivered product will reflect 20% more in flowers and/or greenery. 

Specific requests for colors, flowers, containers cannot be guaranteed and are left to the sole discretion of the designer. There are no refunds on Designer's Choice. 


This is a design from Open Air Designs that retails for $65.  Delivery is based